About Us

While I was looking for surveys about gaming and tech items, I found that the majority of the sites weren’t giving helpful material that is the point at which I got the possibility of OmiGuides. OmiGuides is an independent gaming hub that provides you with the latest updates and strategies in different games, such as Roblox, Fortnite, and other such games. Our main focus is to provide our readers with valuable and genuine content that covers everything regarding their favorite games.

OmiGuides also focuses on other aspects such as tech reviews. In terms of tech, we provide our readers with to-the-point reviews featuring professional products that are worth your money. For tech enthusiasts we also cover the latest news for upcoming tech products, and the newest updates as well. OmiGuides is the perfect place for gamers and tech lovers. Here you will find useful content on games, tech, how-to guides, and much more.

Our Team Members

Christopher Hitchens

Christopher is a gamer, entrepreneur, and the man behind OmiGuides. Over his career, he has played and reviewed hundreds of games, and he also provides helpful insights for newbie gamers on OmiGuides. Currently, at OmiGuides, he is covering the majority of content in reviews, how-to guides, and more.

Zeeshan Shabbir

Zeeshan is a blogger by profession, most importantly a gamer and tech geek by heart. Having vast experience in the gaming and tech fields, he is now serving the community of OmiGuides.com by providing useful guides, and detailed insights on tech and gaming.